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News updates - May 23rd, 2018:

It has been less than a month since the last update, but there have been a lot of changes and new animals, though some sold out before even hitting the webpage! Our next expo will be in Victoria (Tables 1-4, July 21st & 22nd - at the entrance) and anyone looking to help out at this expo is invited to contact us and let us know!! Anyone looking for animals not listed? We are expecting another spider shipment and a large reptile shipment in about a month, so now is the time to speak up :D

The Tarantulas and Other Spiders list has undergone a few changes, with some updated sizing and a few species have sold out this month. More exciting changes ahead as we start to sex out some of the Brachypelmas and Theraphosa blondi!! For those of you on the Grammostola pulchra waiting list, there will be a few more coming available this month, so keep your eyes out for emails. The list is currently closed, but we are feeding up some of the spiderlings extra well, so that we can sex out more for you! Cross Spiders (Araneus diadematus) are still hatching and some of the earlier season juveniles are already half grown!! Theraphosa blondi spiderlings are also growing rapidly and some are now over 3"!! These are the real deal blondi, the original Goliaths and won't last forever, so get one while you can! Please note that we have switched the name on the hobby classic "Brachypelma smithi, to its new, correct name Brachypelma hamorii. We have kept the old name for some time as a number of customers have found this name change particularly confusing, but it has been over a year now :) Also, we are nearly out of the larger sexed males and females and are working hard to sex out some of the larger juveniles in order to replace them on the list!

The Scorpion List has gotten substantially smaller, but we do have some Cuban Blues (Rhopalurus junceus) in stock! Hurry while supplies last, these guys sell quickly!! There are always folks demanding common names for all of these species, but many of these are quite rare and really don't have common names. We've had to invent a few, so keep this in mind if you are looking for info online, and search instead for the Latin names :)

The Other Invertebrates List has also gotten shorter. Vietnamese centipedes (Scolopendra subspinipes) are back in stock as well as West African Tailess Whipscorpions (Damon medius)! These guys are very similar to their East African cousins, but larger and feistier! We also have some very exciting news regarding another Amblypygid, but we are not yet ready to make that announcement!

The greatest changes have been to the Reptile List to be sure and it has undergone a complete overhaul with far too many changes to list! Take a look - you won't even recognise it!! If you are looking for reptiles not listed, please contact us, and we will see what we can do for you.

The Miscellaneous Goods page has finally had a small makeover! A few things have been removed as we have scaled down the dry goods, but we may be offering shirts again in the near future!

We are always on the lookout for more Chelonian species! If you are a turtle or tortoise breeder, please contact us!

Want to get sneak peeks, special offers and who knows what else? Join our mailing list by emailing us with "mealworm" as the subject! I do apologise for the latency of this mailing list, but it is one of the last tasks to get done and the care of the animals (and our customers!) always comes first!! The bright side? The longer it takes to get the mailer out, the more likely a surprise special will be in it ;)

Upcoming Expos:
With the large number of Southern Ontario shows being so close together, we are not able to attend them all. Until this changes, we will likely only be attending the Spring (Easter), Summer and Fall (CRBE) shows. Currently, there are no expos booked yet for next year, aside from Red Deer!

July 21st (10 - 5) & 22nd (10 - 4), 2018
Victoria Reptile Expo
(Fernwood Community Centre, 1240 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria B.C., V8T 1G6)
Tables 1-4 (immediately on the right when you enter the venue!)

August 25th (10:00 - 17:00) & 26th (11:00 - 16:00), 2018
Western Canadian Reptile Expo 2016 - SPONSOR!
(Sheraton (Capri) Hotel and Conference Centre, 3310 50th Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 3X9)

More updates underway..

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