Specialising in captive bred Arachnids from around the world since 1986


.........New! We now have 2 sizes of spiderling enclosures. These are not as clear as acrylic, but still offer great visibility and have extra small ventilation holes that are perfect for small spiderlings! They are also easily stacked and have a small feeding door, reducing the risk of escapes during feeding. Prices include substrate and are as follows:

3.5"x3.5"x1.5" 2/$5
4.5"x4.5"x3" $5

We also have ExoTerra Nano Tall (70$) terrariums currently in stock, but please be aware that these are only available by pickup or shipped by air cargo. Due to the wide availability and fragile nature of Critter Keepers, we no longer stock these, sorry!

Arachnophiliacs reusable shopping totes!

.........New! Carry your items around in our new woven nylon shopping totes. Measuring 14"x13"x4.5" they are large enough for small shopping trips, carrying books or reptile expos as they are just the right width for carrying deli cups!
All black with the Arachnophiliacs logo on the front 3$ each or 2/5$


.........For our reptile customers, we've got Mercury vapour heat lamps (MVB)! These bulbs emit both U.V.A. and U.V.B. rays, essential for proper absorption of Calcium in basking reptiles such as turtles and tortoises as well as diurnal lizards. These are the ZooMed brand and are the best quality bulbs we've found yet and available at the unbeatable price of 85$ for 100-Watt and 115$ for 160-Watt (taxes included)!


......... Over the many years I have been keeping Arachnids, I have yet to find a suitable substrate sold anywhere. For this reason, I have always mixed my own and am now offering it for sale in 4 litre bags. These are priced at $5 each. We also offer compressed coconut fibre at $8 for approximately 15l (after hydrating).

Other Dry Goods

......... We have scaled back our selection of dry goods substantially, but we do still have a wide selection of metal screen tops for various tank sizes and do occassionally have options for hides and water dishes. Please let us know what you need and we'll try our best to accommodate you!

Frozen Rodents

.........Yes! We do carry frozen rodents, though we will be phasing out some of the sizes over the next little while. Pricing is as follows:

Pinkie 1-2g 1.00
Fuzzy 3-6g $1.15
Hopper 7-12g $1.30
Wean 12-18g $1.45
Adult 19-29g $1.75

Pinkie 5-12g $1.60
Fuzzy 13-19g $2.20 or 20/$40
Pup 20-34g $2.50 or 20/$48
Wean 35-50g $3.00 or 10/$28
Small 51-70g $3.75 or 10/$35
Small+ 71-90g 10/$40 (custom orders only)
Medium 91-120g $4.75 or 10/$45
Medium+ 121-150g 10/$48 (custom orders only)
Medium++ 151-180g 10/$50 (custom orders only)
Large 181-220g $5.50 or 10/$52
Large+ 221-250g 10/$56 (custom orders only)
X-Large 251-300g $6.50 or 10/$60
X-Large+ 300-350g $7 or 6/$39
Jumbo 351-400g $7.50 or 4/$28
Jumbo+ 400g+ $8.00 or 4/$30

Pinkie 1-3g $1.00 (custom orders only)
Fuzzy 4-7g $1.15 (custom orders only)
Large 40-49g $3.00

Chicks (30-50g+):
$1 each
Currently out of stock

Page last edited May 4th, 2022